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Wired Plus Minus - All in One (2018 Models)

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Wired Plus Minus - All in One

Change Levels of Assist and Regeneration,
Activate Throttle and Regenerative Braking on the Fly

The Wired Plus Minus All in One (WPM -AIO) controller is simple to install and operate with your Falco eBike System. It allows you to adjust the assist level of your motor on the fly, without any confusing console or software accessory. With the easy to read LED lights, you’ll always know what assist level you’re in. Three levels of assist are available, as well as three regeneration modes, and throttle functions. To reach any level of assist, press the + or – buttons as follows. Level 1 Assist - Click Plus(+) One time, Level 3 Assist - Click + Two Times (Need half-second delay between clicks. Avoid rapid clicks). Level 5 Assist - Click + three times. Level 1 Regen - Click Minus(-) One time, Level 3 Assist - Click - Two Times (Need half-second delay between clicks. Avoid rapid clicks). Level 5 Regen - Click - three times. The throttle function is operated by holding the plus button (throttle power is proportional to the assist levels) and regen is activated by holding the minus button (quick regeneration to stop the motor).


The Wired Plus Minus connects to the 6-pin port that comes from the BLE/Ant+ module. Before connecting, be sure that the battery is in the “off” position.



In the high assist, the motor will offer the same level of assist as the standard Falco eBike system without the WPM-AIO controller. The high assist level can be used on inclines that require more motor assistance, but will drain the battery faster. The low assist can be used on flats, or in situations when a higher assist level is not necessary. The battery life is extended when using the low assist level.


The regenerative modes can be very useful in long descents.  When in regenerative mode, the motor will create resistance, acting as a sort of drag brake while also charging the battery.  There are three different levels of regenerative mode: low, medium, and high.  Low will offer some resistance, medium will offer more, and high will have the most resistance. 


Note: ZERO mode or ZERO pedal assist or ZERO regen mode are not available on this accessory.

This accessory can not be used with Terra Trike EVOs.

Download the PDF File here.


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We have been using the Plus/Minus... when one of the LEDs went out... Thanks to Rakesh and Team for quick turn around!!! We love this product... on our ICE Trikes. Darryle & Allie Mann, Gainesville VA. Darryle Mann


The Plus/Minus was easy to install and gives a great visual to the assist level. Make the Falco experience simple. Thanks Rakesh for a great product... Darryle & Allie Mann, Gainesville VA. Darryle Mann

Plus Minus Review

Is this system perfect? Nah. Is it very good? Yeah. It is dependable. Poltergeists? Sure. It is new tech. It can be fussy. But it is a fine assist system. Neal Martin

Controller Review

This entire system is well designed. And management is super knowledgeable and helpful. Neal
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