When you can't cycle anymore, Should you give up cycling?

Chapter 1

By Rakesh Dhawan, President Falco eMotors Inc.

Chapter 1 - When you can't cycle anymore?

Cycling has been your religion. It has given you every meaning in life. You have been defined by cycling. It gave you great health, body and consequently amazing family, friends and profession. It gave you deep meaning and purpose and it gives me. It gives you connection with nature. You could ride and ride and ride for 100 of miles and be absolutely one with nature. While riding, nature connected with you and gave you amazing insights and strategies about life. Cycling has been in your blood and now you simply can't cycle anymore. It has become painful and exceedingly difficult to cycle because your body has moved on or your circumstances have changed. You are not the same old male or female stud you used to be.  

3 Reasons you may not be able to cycle 

You may have one of the following issues:

  1. Disability of some kind (Physical injury, Mental, Intellectual etc.);
  2. Pain while riding a bicycle (shoulder, neck, back, butt, knee etc. pains);
  3. Balance Issues (You no longer feel safe on a bike).

Humans are never out of options. We always have options to enjoy life to the fullest till the last minute of our life. In the following chapters we are going to explore three-wheeled cycles. Some of the three wheeled cycles are also called tadpole or delta trikes. There is a further classification of them into recumbent and upright or non-recumbent trikes. 

Categorization of Three Wheeled Cycles