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Thumb Throttle

SKU: Th 1.1
Lead Time: 1-4 Weeks (Please call us for exact shipment date)

For those riders who need a throttle that takes up less space on their handlebars.
Measures 7/8" wide, cable length 60".

Customer Reviews (3)

Thumb throttle connectors.

I ordered a thumb throttle and had a very hard time with the connectors. In fact, I had a problem with all the motor connections. The pins do not line up easily and the pins bent many times finally breaking one. I think an improvement of all the connectors with a would make the product more user friendly. Anthony Zabecki

Throttle Review

Perfect and I have hands the size of Montana. Great product. Great staff. Neal Martin

Thumb throttle

Fits very nicely. The spring return is just the right tension to not tire your thumb or hand. Good quality wire and connector. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking to control their electric bike or trike smoothly and easily. Falco is a wonderful company to do business with. Richard Jamison
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