Review of Electric Bike Kits - August 2020

Abstract: This article reviews various electric bike kits based on a criteria of personal preference. More emphasis is given to the electric bike kits (also called eBike Systems) which promote natural cycling and prohibit excessive power and speeds. 

History of Electric Bike Kits: Electric Bike Kits were popularized by BionX in late 1990s when electric bikes were not so easily available and it made a lot of sense to have an electric wheel which could replace the rear wheel of the bicycle. Accell group based in Netherlands had developed an electric bike which had attracted huge popularity during that time as well. Thereafter, a number of Chinese companies jumped in the fray. We can categorize the electric bike kits in two categories: 1. Which preserve the purity of cycling, 2. Which just attach to a cycle and provide raw power. Some of the advanced electric bike kits came from Germany, Canada, and US. Most of the low end electric bike kits came from China. GoSwiss Drive, BionX, Neo Drive, Falco, Copenhagen Wheel are known to be the most advanced electric bike conversion kits in the world. There are many Chinese brands which offer e Bike kits at a very very low price. In this article we will review various sites and products to highlight the differences among various e bike kits. 

Article in Progress...