Installing Falco Flash on Your Android Phone

Here are some basic steps to check before you install the app:


  1. Does your phone have built-in ANT+ communication capability. You can check here: and also check here:
  2. Let us take an example, let us say that we want to install the app on Motorola X 2nd Gen phone. Let us go here: Scroll down to COMMS. It does not have the ANT+, however it does have USB Host capability;
  3. Now, let us check here: Under brands, select Motorola. This phone is not listed. With the above two links, we have conclusively determined that the Motorola X (2nd Gen) does not have the ANT+ capability. 
  4. Therefore, additional plugins must be installed. Those plugins are:
  5. You will also need an Android OTG Cable: with an ANT+ USB.
  6. With these four plugins installed, go ahead and install the Falco Flash 1.6:

If your phone has an ANT+ Service, you can skip steps 1 to 5.