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f7.9 48V/750W/672Wh eBike System

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Lead Time: 1-4 Weeks (All wheels are hand-built in the US)

Falco f7.9 is a 750W, 672Wh, 48V, 14Ah eBike system. This system transforms any bike into a smart outdoor hybrid eBike or eTrike. It combines Zero Carbon high-speed bicycle commuting and recreation into one core direct drive technology with tremendous benefits to the end user. The f7.9 system delivers a huge range and can achieve speeds of up to 28 mph. With its lightweight lithium batteries mounted to the frame, you'll experience incredible power in the ride.


f7.9 SPECS


28mph (speed pedelec) 20mph(US)/15mph(EU)

Power (nominal)



120mi192km(L1 Assist) 84mi/130km (L3 Assist)

Wheel Sizes

700c, 29in, 650B, 26in, 24in, 20in, 16in


5 Phase, Falco eDrive Zero Freewheel Resistance

Drive Train Options

1/7/8/9/10 Speed

Motor Weight


Brake Type

Optional Regenerative Brake/Rim Brake and Disc Brake Compatible

Max Torque


Bicycle Dropout

135mm Vertical or Horizontal


672Wh Li-ion 48V, 14Ah Down Tube Type

Wireless Connectivity


Charge Time

4 hours (75%) 6 hours (100%)


Android, iPhone

Battery Weight

3.6 kg/ 8 lbs

Device OS

Mac, Windows

Throttle Compatibility

Thumb and Twist


Falco Flash

Falco f7.9 consists of four main components:

1. An electric wheel: It is an entirely built electric wheel with rim and spokes, ready to drop into your frame. It includes an ANT+/BLE Module. Tire, tube and disc brake are not included. They will need to be mounted separately.
2. A Lithium battery: 672Wh Lithium battery with the top of the line Panasonic cells. Ready to mount to your favorite bike. It includes a charger and a battery holder.
3. A wireless console including plus minus controls: f7.9 ebike system is shipped with the Hxd wireless console including plus minus controls and console charger.
4. Choice of thumb or twist throttle: We offer two options; the thumb throttle takes up less space on your handlebars.


Falco e5.1 eBike system is driven by our pure passion for cycling. The main components of Falco e5.1 are:

  1. 1.   Patented five-phase motor technology:
  • o    Zero free-wheeling resistance
  • o    40% more power delivery than a three-phase motor
  • o    High efficiency commuting
  • o    High efficiency regeneration
  1. 2.   Wireless Operation:
          For a cleaner looking and easy installation, you can use our wireless console
          and plus/minus controller
  1. 3.   ANT+ Technology Integration
  • o    ANT+ offers a remarkable eco-system to enhance our cycling experience.


A sound investment should last for a long time. Utmost reliability and performance dictate Falco's direct drive technology. We want our customers to experience not only the ultimate performance and reliability but also the comfort of owning a world class eBike system.


Download installation 1-2-3

Hxd Wireless/Wired Console User Guide

Download Falco 2018 Catalog

Learn more about the Falco Wheel Technology here

Links for the Smart Phone Apps:

Android App

iPhone App

Customer Reviews (8)

Great Service and Excellent Team

I ordered an electric wheel from Falco and had a few hiccups but Rakesh and his team provided great service to fix everything. Jared Reisman

My 2 Catrikes with Falco f7.9 assists

These are my 2 Catrikes with Falco f7.9 assists. These are awesome e-bikes. Falco team always calls back if I had a question. I ride 3 to 5 days a week. Normally I do between 25 an 40 miles. I keep the motor on 2 to 3 range and by doing this I average between 15 to 20 miles per hour. What's really cool I rode 90 miles on one charge and still had some battery left. I'm 66 years old and this is my main exercise during good weather and I look forward to riding. With the assist, I go 3 times as far and twice as fast. Could go faster but I try to keep it down a little. Again awesome results I get with this product. Thanks again Falco and team for the awesome product and service. Always very patient. Thanks for a great product and equally great service. 10 Jim Norton

The Best eSystem Worldwide

I love this f7.9 e system on my Catrike Road. Im 83 years old and it provides me a means to escape from my house and meet a lot of interesting people in the parks and trails. Very comfortable Catrike Road AR. I added fenders (needed with all the rain ) lift bars, mirrors, and larger/wider tires to get thru the grassy areas. I researched a lot of e-systems and believe Falco provides the best system worldwide. The only con i have is the console needs to improve, however, the iPhone app makes up for its shortcomings. Much longer range than indicated. Thanks so much, Falco for your support. Don V Don Van De Maat

Falco engines work well

Great GVBR...Falco engines work well...will call. Craig Craig Dixon


I finally have my system up and running and am completely blow away. I have a friend with another e-assist system that she cannot fine tune at all. The ability to control so many aspects of this system makes it more than I had hoped for. I am a fairly strong rider, but I ride a long wheel base recumbent that I love. I don’t love all the hills I encounter routinely on the bike. I can now have as much power assist as I want for the hills and am able to have very little or no assist for flats and rolling hills. It is so easy to select how much and when. The result is that I am able to get a great workout, but not suffer the hills! It is so quiet and smooth you might forget you are getting help. AMAZING! Carol Cherry
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