f7.7 48V/750W/672Wh eBike System

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Product Description

Falco f7.7 is a 750W, 672Wh, 48V, 14Ah eBike system. This system transforms any bike into a smart outdoor hybrid eBike or eTrike. It combines Zero Carbon high-speed bicycle commuting and recreation into one core direct drive technology with tremendous benefits to the end user. The f7.7 system delivers a huge range and can achieve speeds of up to 28 mph. With its lightweight lithium batteries mounted to the frame, you'll experience incredible power in the ride.


f7.7 SPECS


28mph (speed pedelec) 20mph(US)/15mph(EU)

Power (nominal)



120mi192km(L1 Assist) 84mi/130km (L3 Assist)

Wheel Sizes

700c, 29in, 650B, 26in, 24in, 20in


5 Phase, Falco eDrive Zero Freewheel Resistance

Drive Train Options

1/7/8/9/10 Speed

Motor Weight


Brake Type

Optional Regenerative Brake/Rim Brake and Disc Brake Compatible

Max Torque


Bicycle Dropout

135mm Vertical or Horizontal


672Wh Li-ion 48V, 14Ah Downtube Type

Wireless Connectivity


Charge Time

4 hours (75%) 6 hours (100%)


Android, iOS (iPhone)

Battery Weight

3.6 kg/ 8 lbs

Device OS

Mac, Windows

Throttle Compatibility



Falco Flash



1. An Electric Wheel: It is an entirely built electric wheel with rim, spokes, tire, and tube, ready to drop into the frame. 

2. A Lithium Battery: 672Wh Lithium battery with the top of the line Panasonic cells. Ready to mount to your favorite bike/trike/tandem. It includes a charger and battery holder.

3. Thumb Throttle: We offer the thumb throttle that takes up less space on your handlebars.

4. Torque Arm Kit: f7.7 ebike system will be shipped with the Torque Arms Kit which gives extra stability and strength to the frames dropouts.



ANT+/BLE Wireless Module 

It is required for wireless mode. It allows you to connect the motor to your smartphone and control the parameters by using a Falco Flash BLE app. You can have full control and set the parameters according to your requirements. Resetting parameters, increasing or decreasing the level of assistance, changing modes, readouts, and many more features are available. 

Wired Console

Console is an e-bike computer display. It consists of a five feet cable that directly plugs into the motor. No need for charging the console or pairing with the motor. Simply plug it into the motor, switch it on, and start riding. It comes with a wireless plus/minus controller which allows you to change the power levels, applying the brake, and setting circumference. 

Wired Plus/Minus

The wired plus/minus is a controller that allows you to control the power levels; increase or decrease the levels. Easy to change pedal-assist or regeneration mode and apply the brake, and use reverse mode in trikes. 



Wired Plus/Minus and Wireless Module

Both can be used simultaneously. It allows you to pair it with your smartphone app. Using wired plus/minus allows you to have a hassle-free ride. By using this combination, you can easily set the parameters, and also you can ride without connecting your phone by using wired plus/minus. 

ANT+/BLE Wireless Module and Wired Console 

Both ANT+/BLE Wireless Module and Wired Console cannot be used simultaneously. Either you can use ANT+/BLE Wireless Module or Console. When you want to use the smartphone app to set the parameters or monitor the torque sensor readings, you need an ANT+/BLE wireless module. If you are going to have a regular ride.






The Falco f7.7 eBike system is driven by our pure passion for cycling. The main components of Falco f7.7 are;

1.   Patented Five-Phase Motor Technology

Zero free-wheeling resistance.

40% more power delivery than a three-phase motor.

High efficiency commuting.

High efficiency regeneration.

2.   Wireless Operation

For a cleaner looking and easy installation, you can use our wireless console and plus/minus controller.

3.   ANT+ Technology Integration

ANT+ offers a remarkable eco-system to enhance our cycling experience.

4.   Pedal Assist (Power on Demand)

The system is equipped with torque and speed sensors, that allows users to have power on demand experience; the systems have pedal assist features. This will give you the real time experience of cycling. You can easily adjust the level of assist you require. 



A sound investment should last for a long time. Utmost reliability and performance dictate Falco's direct drive technology. We want our customers to experience not only the ultimate performance and reliability but also the comfort of owning a world class eBike system.



Download installation 1-2-3

Hxd Wireless/Wired Console User Guide

User Manual - New Wired Console 2021

Download Falco 2018 Catalog

Learn more about the Falco Wheel Technology here



Falco Flash 4.0

Android App

iPhone App

Falco Flash 5.0 (New Version)

Android App

iPhone App



Falco LI7 Battery Dimensions


Other Details

Lead Time:
20-24 Weeks (All wheels are hand-built in the US)



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    Trikes at the Coast

    Posted by Karen Garrison on 9th Sep 2019

    Hello Falco Team, We put our trikes in the truck and drove to the NH seacoast for a ride - We really enjoy having electric assist as it has enabled us to resume biking after many years - the motor performs flawlessly - right now it’s set up with the wired +/- and the console off - we have to figure out a better way to mount the console so that it’s more easily viewed - the iPhone app works well to view various parameters. The review posted on 1 September was very informative - have you considered starting a Falco Users Group where users could post suggestions/comments? By the way, installation is easy once you figure it out!

  • 5
    My e-bike

    Posted by Kent Faulkner on 29th Jan 2019

    We are very happy with it. We have a loaded weight of around 370 pounds and the motor really helps on hills that we used to go up about 4mph in the granny gear. Now we can keep up with the rest of our group (and wait for most of them). We try not to used it too much on the flats as we want to get a good workout. However, it really helps in a headwind. Feel free to refer questions to me via my e-mail.

  • 5
    Thank you

    Posted by Gabe Mirkin on 7th Jan 2019

    Thank you for being there when we have a problem. We get an immediate answer and correction. You are the best. We think that in the near future, most bikes will have motors because the key to gaining fitness on a bike is to maintain a cadence in spite of the terrain. When we anticipate increased pressure on the pedals, we use the throttle to keep up our cadence so we get a better workout than other people who do not have motors on their bikes. Your motor unit with the throttle is perfect for maintaining cadence to gain a high level of fitness.

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    Falco F7.7 system

    Posted by Richard Jamison on 5th May 2018

    I have this very system on my Catrike 559. I can’t say enough good things about the system or Falco. The motor is bullet proof and the accessories are numerous and very cool. You can run the system in various configurations; I run with a wireless Bluetooth console, thumb throttle and 5 levels of torque based pedal assist, all monitored and adjusted with my iPhone. Also downhill regenerative braking. I have easily done 75 miles with plenty of battery left. The torque sensor, speed sensor and controller are all contained within the Hub Motor. Nice! I run Big Apple Plus 26X2.15 tires and I weigh 260#. This system handles all that perfectly. Never had an overheating problem. I have had a couple of customer service requests which were handled immediately by the CEO himself. He is truly a prince of a guy. I would recommend Falco to anyone who wants a solid, reliable system. Not the cheapest, but as the old saying goes: You get what you pay for!

  • 5

    Posted by Marv on 17th Feb 2018

    System arrived in great shape. However written instructions for install on cat trike would be helpful. For those removing cassett from old wheel and installing on new wheel, they need a special tool to remove and re-install. Throttle cables are barely long enough for large trikes. Install on trikes is a lot different than install on a bike. Need to advise customer when ordering.

  • 5
    It was worth the wait!

    Posted by James McGhee on 6th Mar 2017

    OK, it was worth the wait. I will make a Youtube post when I get the time. I installed the 750w rear wheel system myself... Put the battery on the angled front tube, not downtube. Great balance, not too heavy. A few little snags with installation. Needed extra washers to get correct spacing. Covered my wires in a less than elegant fashion for now. Video for programming display was essential. I recommend a guide to all your videos be posted on your website. I cannot wait to take a long ride and determine battery range. Smooth pedaling with NO cogging when unassisted... I feel GUILTY getting up to 28-30 mph with easy pedaling! Thanks, Everyone at Falco! James McGhee, Miami, FL

  • 5
    It is Perfect!

    Posted by Dr. Gabe Mirkin on 18th Jan 2017

    This is a review to thank you for helping us. The motor is perfect and we are delighted with everything. If you ever need us for an article or recommendation, we would be delighted. We had a rally at Vero Beach, Florida and were able to ride with the very fastest riders at the rally. We averaged well over 20 MPH and cold accelerate up to 35 mph very easily. I am also at a very high level of fitness because the motor lets me keep my cadence over 90 as long as I want. When the pedal pressure increases, I use the throttle and keep up the cadence.

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