Connecting With Falco Interface 1.4.3

Here are the reasons when motor may not connect with you Falco Interface 1.4.3:

1. ANT+ Driver: If the driver for ANT+ is not installed properly. Windows automatically downloads the drivers. Sometimes, Windows can take a couple of tries. You end of reinserting the USB to have Windows retry locating the driver.;

2. GARMIN AGENT: If that does not work, backup is to install the Garmin driver (However, after installing make sure that the Garmin agent is disabled at startup. Otherwise, the Falco interface will not work). Here is the link for the Garimin agent:

3. CONNECT BATTERY: Make sure battery connected to the motor is ON. Review the youtube videos on the Falco interface:,,

4. WIRELESS MODULE: If the wireless module is not connected to the motor, interface will not connect. Make sure wireless module is connected. If wireless module is defective, then the PC interface will not connect. How do you know if your wireless module is defective? If console does not connect with the motor, that is a good indication that the wireless module may be defective.

Latest Falco Interface 1.4.3 can be downloaded here

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