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TerraTrike Recalls Adult Tricycles Due to Crash and Injury Hazards

More information about this recall can be found on Terra Trike website:

This recall is only pertaining to the wheels containing Falco hubs sold by Terra Trike (TerraTrike Rambler E.V.O adult tricycles) and does not effect any of the wheels sold by Falco or its dealers. 

What is being Fixed:

A speed sensor is being added to the cranks of the EVOs. This speed sensor addition allows the motor to receive rider's cadence as well as torque information. The motor is being re-programmed to take advantage of both the sensors to allow for additional safety for the riders. 

Issue #1: When axle bolts are not tight: It is possible for the torque sensor to activate if the axle bolts are not tightened properly to the required spec. In such an eventuality, speed sensor will prevent an accidental activation. 

Issue #2: Frame Incompatibility: A frame incompatibility has been found between EVO frame and EVO version of the Falco hub (Note: 2018 and newer Falco Hubs are compatible with all existing trike frames in the market). In such a case, the torque sensor can activate while riding. An additional of speed sensor eliminates such an incompatibility completely. 

Terra Trike is sending the following parts to its dealers to fix the EVOs:

  1. Hx Motor Programmer;
  2. Speed Sensor;
  3. Magnetic Disc;
  4. Zip-ties (x3)
  5. Nut = 40Nm Stickers (x2)

Speed sensor and magnetic disc will be installed in the cranks. Programmer will be used to update the firmware of the motor. Zipties will be used to ziptie the cables of the speed sensor going all the way to the motor. Stickers will be used to remind users to tighten the axle bolts to the proper spec value of 40Nm. 

Why this is not an issue with wheels sold directly by Falco and its Dealers ?

Falco released 2018 wheels in June of 2017 with embedded speed sensor in the freehub body. Note: 2018 and newer Falco Hubs are compatible with all existing trike frames in the market. Speed sensors help in avoiding frame incompatibility issues such as this one as has been found with the EVO frame. Issue #1 and 2 above are automatically avoided with the combination of embedded speed sensor and torque sensor in the hub.

Further questions about the recall, reach out to Terra Trike at 800- 945-9910 or Falco at 1-877-278-6323