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Review of Falco f7.9 eBike System on Rans Recumbent Tandem by David Zimmer

My wife, Rose and I have been riding a recumbent tandem for fifteen years. We ride with a group called The Grandparents Gone Wild (GGW). Last year one couple in our group put an assist from Falco eMotors on their recumbent tandem. We knew it was a matter of time before we followed suit. Kentucky is known for hills and they became a reason for shorter bike rides. At this time there are three couples in our group that have an assist on their tandems.

We’ve had the f7.948V/750Wh ebike system now for two hundred miles of riding. It was the best decision we have made and the best money spent.

The installation was pretty straightforward, and being a woodworker, I was able to build a platform for the battery to safely ride on. The system has worked flawlessly on every ride. With the capable assistance of Falco Flash App, we have made several tweaks on the programming to accommodate some of the bigger hills we encounter. The Falco flash has been most amazing tool at our disposal so far.

Customer service from Falco eMotors is like the old days when people that sell something actually care about their product and their customers. One of the best features of the system is the regeneration ability of the battery. The longest ride so far has been forty miles and we are looking forward to longer rides with more ease. One of our favorite comments has become “what hill” as we climb in and out of the Ohio River valley.

We have used all the assist levels and all the regeneration levels to balance battery usage. It has in no way reduced the amount of enjoyment and fun of riding our tandem. We have used both the console and the iPhone to control the motor and both have worked well. I prefer the additional information from the iPhone but also use it for navigation so the +/- is used more.

I highly recommend Rakesh and his knowledgeable team at Falco eMotors to help add an assist to your riding adventures.