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​Recumbent Bikes and Trikes for Back Pain

Spending a lot of time and riding on upright bikes and trikes is painful, usually many people deal with back pain problems after riding upright bikes and trikes. The seat of upright bikes and trikes are compact and narrow, due to which the bodyweight is concentrated on the small portion of the buttock and the load is concentrated on the buttock and spinal cord. Loading on the spinal cord is really dangerous and also this is the main reason for back pain, and back pain is really horrible!

Recumbent bikes and trikes allow riders to ride in the most relaxed position. Recumbent seats provide support to the neck, shoulder, back, and buttock. The weight of the rider is distributed over a large portion and hence reduces the effort and impact load on the body parts.

Going for a long ride on the recumbent bikes and trikes is full of joy and comfort. Most of its riders are very comfortable riding it. Also, it is suitable for all people irrespective of age and gender. In the market, there are also recumbent exercise cycles that allow cycling and to burn the calories without putting users back at risk.

Recumbent bikes and trikes are so relaxing, relieving by preventing back pain, shoulder pain, and wrist pain. The recumbent position allows them to completely lay on back resting their back and buttock in an ergonomically designed seat which musters the back and buttock, and legs are kept in the front position. This position has many health benefits such as

  1. Proper blood circulation in the body,
  2. Providing support to the neck, shoulder, back, and buttock.
  3. Keeping face towards the front road reducing effort to look front as in upright bikes and trikes.
  4. Reducing weight on the wrist and hands, which prevents injuries in wrist and hands.
  5. Preventing a concentrated load on the buttock and spinal cord. Etc.

Recumbent bikes and trikes can be used for daily cycling and long rides. It will help you to perform the exercise as well as to explore the outdoor world.

Next time if you think of bikes or trikes?

Just go for Recumbent Bikes and Trikes.

Enjoy the Ride, Beautiful Nature, and Healthy Life.

Share your thoughts and experience of riding Recumbent Bikes and Trikes with us!