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Key Electric Assist Technologies For Converting A Tadpole Trike Into A Pedal Assist/E-Assist System - Part 4

Which eBike system is best for Tadpole Trikes?

Having understood some of the technologies, now let us look at the tadpole trike geometry. This is a good place to start: Other good references are “The Recumbent Trike Design Primer” and this thread.

Understanding Dynamic Behavior and Trike Stability

In the article at, the author talks about the dynamic behavior of a tadpole trike. The author states:

The tadpole rider's CoG is lower, but located ahead of the forward tipping axis so it would tip forward under a 1g braking force. With modern caliper brakes, this would have a tendency to lift the rear wheel. On a downward slope the tipping threshold would be even less, exacerbating the problem.

Intuitively, one can conclude that having a direct drive motor actually improves the stability of a tadpole trike. The mid-drive motor will add significant weight to the front boom exacerbating the stability issue. The figures below illustrate this in a better fashion.

Figure 4 - Center of Gravity for a Tadpole Trike without any eBike System

Figure 5 - Movement of Center of Gravity indicates that the a mid-drive system will be less stable than a direct drive system

....Continued to Part 5