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Keeping Yourself Fit through Medical Injury using a Falco eBike System

Spinal Cord Injury

I am a quadriplegic with a spinal cord injury having no movement below my shoulders as well as portions of my arms. Over the past 22 years, exercise using those muscles available has been paramount to being healthy, and having few episodes of sickness. 

3-Wheeled Hand Cycle Powered by Falco

I have access to 140 acres of farmland to explore, and over the past 3 years, the exercise of choice has been using a 3 wheeled hand cycle that includes a Falco electromagnetic rear wheel motor to aid in propulsion in regions of increased friction such as high grass, loose gravel, and wetlands. 

Falco eBike Systems' Benefits:

Infinite torque and power adjustments allow for the perfect release of additional power to propel the bike and still get plenty of exercises negotiating steep off-road hills and obstacles. 

The battery allows for 2-3 hours of riding and charges quickly. The battery, wires, and electromagnetic motor have been exposed to dirt, dampness, and rain. Care includes chain lubrication and a quick rinse only twice a year. The Falco system has never failed in those as mentioned above, less than ideal environments.Having used the Falco system solely off-road in less than ideal conditions for years is a testament to its quality and durability. If the rear tire on your bike can maintain traction, the Falco system will take you wherever you want to go.