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Hx Direct Drive Motor Wiring and Block Diagram (2018 Model)

Here is the link to the block diagram of the Hx Direct Drive Hub Motor (2018 Model)

Hx Motor is versatile and can provide a variety of functionalities.

Let us look at a few of them.

There are three connectors on the motor:

  1. 2-pin for the battery;
  2. 4-pin for throttle and external brake and junction box;
  3. 6-pin for wireless communication and Wired Plus Minus;

Let us understand the main functions of some of the components:

Throttle: This is also called power on demand. When activating this, motor moves without pedaling.

External Brake: This is used to activate regeneration while riding. It is normally an open contact and closing it will stop the motor put kinetic energy back in the battery. It is a complicated install.

Junction Box: This is used to power the wireless console. Recommended for those who do not like to remove the console from the handlebar for charging. 

Wireless Communication: Hx motor was invented with wireless communication in mind. Falco was the first company to do so in the eBike world back in 2011. Recently the wireless communication has been upgraded to have two form of wireless communication (ANT+ and BLE). Wireless module must be present to have this communication capability.