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From the History Books - London Keirin Race 2014

August 2014 Falco e-Motors helped make British cycling history with Falco powered Pace bikes in Rollapoluza's London Keirin at Herne Hill Velodrome.

The innovative, specially modified electric bikes paced the riders instead of petrol Dernie's usually used in Keirin races outside Japan. Completely silent the Falco powered pacing bikes, capable of speeds up to 68kmh, added a whole new aspect to the racing.

Derny bikes are used to regulate the speed of the racing competitors, the bike does one lap of the track and riders are released by starting gun when the Derny bike reaches the start line at 30kph. The Derny bike is on track for a total of 3 laps before releasing the riders at around 55kph. Competitors complete one final lap as fast as possible.

Riders from all over the UK, Holland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Uganda fought their way through three scoring rounds to garner enough points to make it to the eight-man final. In the format devised by Rollapaluza, no rider in any category is knocked out and those who don't make the final for places 1-8 race in minor finals to produce a full classification for all riders.

The women's event though having a broader spectrum of talent, was equally exciting and competitive with some of the closest finishes of the day during the first and second round.

It was a fantastic day of cycling and faultless performance from our bikes.

The custom built electric bikes used Falco's 500W e-Bike system along with 48V AllCell battery pack and are capable of sustaining speeds of 65kph.

Falco has spent 5 years perfecting their innovative 5-Phase brush-less permanent magnet technology. The HX system has an embedded controller and torque sensors that eliminate the need for external components. Falco's inbuilt controller has 15 sensors to measure the motor's current, power, voltage, temperature, magnetic field, and torque.

The motor's highly compact design has far superior power, torque, and efficiency than the conventional three-phase motors. Reduced weight of at least 25%, improved efficiency of 10% increased power and torque of 30% and zero resistance pedaling.

The zero resistance pedaling is also a first for direct drive motors, this is achieved by minimizing the force of the magnets inside the motor to near zero when the bike is switched off. This means that for the rider the bike can still be ridden as an ordinary bike when he or she decides not to use the motor but why anybody would want to do that when they are riding a bike with such a powerful e-Bike system is another matter.

Not only can custom bikes be built but these fantastic Falco e-Bike systems are designed to be retrofitted to almost any bicycle.