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Falco Comparison with the Copenhagen Wheel (Superpedestrian)

Falco Comparison with the Copenhagen Wheel (Superpedestrian)

The following comparison is provided based on the specifications available on the competitor's website:

1. Motor

a.350W Power Only: Motor power is 350W for US and 250W for EU as compared to 750W for Falco's drive system with adjustable power curves.

b.High Hub Weight: Hub weight is 16.8 lbs. / 7.6 kg vs. 12 lbs./ 5.5 kg for a Falco Hx Motor.

2. Battery

a. Low Battery Capacity: Battery capacity is 279Wh as compared to 400Wh for a Falco e series drive system and 700Wh for an f series drive system. Claimed range is 30 miles. No data is provided for the conditions under which that range is achievable. Falco's e Series drive systems are known to provide 60+ mile range in real life tests.

b. High Battery Replacement Cost: Copenhagen wheel like BionX and Bosch is a closed system. That means if your battery needs replacement beyond the warranty period, you risk losing the whole investment. History has shown us that consumers lose their investment again and again because of the batteries. With a Falco drive system, you never risk your investment as Hx motors can be run with other batteries as well.

3. Wheel

a. Only Two Wheel Sizes: Copenhagen wheel comes in only two-wheel sizes (26" or 700C) as compared to Falco's drive system. Falco's drive system can be built into an as small as 16”-wheel size.

b. No Disc Brake Compatibility: Copenhagen wheel is not compatible with disc brakes. Falco's drive systems are compatible with a disc as well as rim brakes.

c. Spoke Breakage Issue: Spoke breakage issue is serious in wheel hubs. Falco uses SAPIM strong spokes with a tight tolerance on the spoke holes. With the Copenhagen wheel, you need to have special spokes and a trip to the bike shop for replacement of these spokes. Can you imagine the spoke replacement cost beyond the warranty period?

4. HMI (Human Machine Interface)

a. Smart Phone Compatibility Only: Copenhagen wheel is only IOS and Android compatible. Falco's systems are IOS, Android, Mac and PC compatible.

b. No Throttle: Copenhagen wheel cannot be operated with a throttle. Falco drive system can be operated with a twist or thumb throttle.

c. No Console: There is no console available for the Copenhagen wheel. Falco drive system can be operated with a wireless as well as wired console.

d. No Wires Plus Minus: There are no simple controls available for the Copenhagen wheel. Falco drive system can be operated with a simple Wired plus-minus which contains all the functions to control the pedal assist, and have integrated throttle and brake.

5. Warranty:

a. Lowest Warranty in the Industry: Copenhagen wheel comes with one-year warranty only. Falco's Hx motor comes with five-year warranty. Even European and Chinese companies offer two-year warranty.

6. System:

a. Limited Top Assisted Speed: Top assisted speed is only 20 mph. Falco's systems can provide support up to 28 mph and have adjustable speed options.

b. BLE Wireless Connectivity Only (BLE 4.0): Copenhagen wheel is only BLE compatible. Falco's drive system uses both BLE and ANT+ wireless protocols.

c. Installation: Copenhagen launched several years ago (can't remember the year anymore) with a $699 price tag and a promise of an easy installation (they emphasized no tools and lady installing the wheel). Now, after several years of delays, the best they can come up with is a hose clamp to tie down their wheel axle (of course it is a pretty hose clamp). That is not an easy installation. It is complicated and requires expertise.

d. Other comments: The technical data is incomplete. No information is provided on peak or continuous torque. No torque-speed curves are provided. No battery usage data is provided. No reliability data is provided. Average consumer may not care now but eventually she should.

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