13 Reasons - Why Falco Direct Drive is the Best Choice for Your eBike Conversion?

Electric Bicycle World on 28th Aug 2016

13 Reasons - Why Falco Direct Drive is the Best Choice for Your eBike Conversion

In-Built Torque Sensor TechnologyThe most important aspect of a Falco Drive System is the riding experience and that riding experience is the result of an extra-ordinary in-built torque sensor technology. Falco has industry’s most advanced torque sensor technology in the hub.
In-Built ControllerThe in-built controller is essential in having an extra-ordinary performance and saving precious space.
5-Phase Drive TechnologyThe patent pending 5-phase technology provides 40% more power and torque with amazing efficiency at top speeds. Falco drive can do high speed super-efficiently.
Super-Efficient 28mph CommutingMove with Super-Efficiency. With an inbuilt torque sensor, an inbuilt controller and a 5-phase technology, you can simply move and move with super-efficiency.
Precise Power DeliveryThere is control and there is an absolute control - with your feet and controls on your handle bars. The Falco Drive feels your slight touch to your maddening push with an extraordinary precision.
Ultra-FastFalco drive system has seamless experience taking you upto full speed. The systems are designed for ultrafast operation with ultra-efficient power delivery.
PowerfulMotors with 750W+ rating and torque upto 60Nm. Direct drive power delivered directly to the wheel without any loss in chains, or gears. It is sufficient power and torque for on road and off-road.
ZERO Resistance PedalingFalco’s direct drive is true Zero resistance pedaling. The motor can be pedaled like a regular bike wheel even when the battery is off. When you run out of juice, you don’t need to sweat it.
Cardio ControlActive fitness functions are incorporated in Cardio Control app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
Wireless eBike ConsoleFalco Direct Drive is the first wireless eBike console in the eBike industry. It is modular and adds additional control and benefits on your handle bars.
Ultra-ReliableOne of the primary goal of a Falco Direct Drive system was to have an ultra-reliable system. We achieved that by using highly modular approach where a single point of failure is avoided. Motor is the ultimate master and can operate independently without any commands from other components of the drive system.
An Open SystemAn open system like a Falco drive system protects your investment for a long time. With other systems, you are fairly locked into their batteries at the end of life of the batteries. Not with Falco. The Falco direct drive system can be operated with other batteries. The motor can keep on humming for a long time.
5-Year WarrantyFalco’s Mission is to an extraordinarily reliable and long lasting product. That is why we stand behind our product with 5-year warranty on the motor system. Falco is the 1st in to offer a 5-year warranty.