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Comparison of Falco eBike System with eBike Kits from

Short ComparisonThe quality, performance, and reliability are the most important factors that the product relies on. When you are investing in some product, you want to be 150% satisfied. What does it mean to buy with amazing quality and reliability?
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What is a Recumbent Trike?

A trike is a cycle with three wheels. It is also known as a tricycle. Either it can be powered by the pedals or pedal-assisted systems. The trikes are excellent means for commuters to reduce fuel usage, avoid pollution, and maintain physical fitness.
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Falco Electric Bike Kit Vs. Catrike eCAT Kit - A Detailed Comparison

Catrike recently introduced its eCat solution for its recumbent trikes. This article does a detailed comparison of the eCat solution by Bosch with Falco direct drive system. The final conclusion is that eCat is a non-optimum add on with very high lif
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