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Falco Indoor Outdoor eDrive is the world’s first indoor/outdoor eDrive. This system is the first ever indoor/outdoor bike conversion that transforms any bike into a smart outdoor hybrid eBike and an interactive indoor power trainer. It combines Zero Carbon high-speed bicycle commuting and advanced training into one core direct drive technology with tremendous benefits to the end user. The eDrive delivers a huge range and can achieve speeds of up to 28 mph. With its lightweight lithium batteries mounted to the frame, a rider experiences unprecedented power in the ride.


eDrive SPECS

Speed 28mph (speed pedelec) 20mph(US)/15mph(EU) Wheel Sizes 700c, 650B, 26in, 24in, 20in
Range 100mi/160lm(L1 Assist) 70mi/110km(L3 Assist) Drive Train Options 1/7/8/9/10 Speed
Motor 5 Phase, Falco eDrive Zero Freewheel Resistance Brake Type Built in Regenerative Brake
Motor Weight 5.9kg/13lbs Bicycle Dropout 135mm Vertical 135mm Horizontal
Max Torque 45Nm Wireless Connectivity ANT+, BLE
Battery 400Wh Li-ion 36V, 11.6Ah Smartphone iOS, Android
Charge Time 4 hours (75%) 6 hours (100%) Device OS Mac, Windows
Battery Weight 2,5 kg/ 5.5 lbs App ANT+ FEC, Zwift, Trainer Road etc


Wireless Technology

ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, & Bluetooth Smart

Total Weight

Motor (13 lbs./5.9 kg) Battery (5.5 lbs/2.5 kg) Stand (11 lbs/5 kg)


iOS / Android / PC (Mac and Windows)


24”X28” (61cmX71cm)

Resistance Type



5 Years for Motor

2 Years for Battery


+/- 5%



Electrical Connections

Li Battery/Can be operated with self power

Wheel Sizes

700c, 650B, 26 in, 24 in, 20 in

Max Wattage


Drive Train

Compatible with 8, 9 & 10

Max Incline


Front Wheel Block


Falco eDrive consists of three main components:

1. An electric wheel: It is an entirely built electric wheel with rim, spokes, tube, tire and disc brake. Ready to drop into your frame. It includes an ANT+/BLE Smart Module.
2. A Lithium battery: 400Wh Lithium battery with the top of the line Panasonic cells. Ready to mount to your favorite bike. It includes a charger.
3. A bike trainer: Designed for highest stability to accommodate Falco eDrive and guarantee endless riding.



We believe in the power of cycling. We believe that cycling has the authority to bring about sweeping changes to our world. The potential is enormous regarding its impact on commuting, fitness, regeneration and saving our planet. This belief keeps us marching forward at a rapid pace. We believe that developed countries like the US and third world countries can benefit from our technological advances tremendously. We can change the world through cycling together.


Falco eDrive broadcasts power (watts) to apps such as Zwift, Bkool, TrainerRoad, etc. and automatically allow variation of the resistance to match changing terrain and conditions. Falco eDrive even vibrates to simulate 'road feel.' This real-time feedback loop provides the most immersive riding experience. Falco eDrive connects to the apps wirelessly via ANT+ using a USB ANT+ stick or Bluetooth Smart(BLE).


Falco eDrive technology is driven by our pure passion for cycling. The main components of Falco eDrive technology are:

  1. Patented five-phase motor technology;
    • Zero free-wheeling resistance;
    • 40% more power delivery than a three-phase motor;
    • High efficiency commuting;
    • High efficiency regeneration.
  2. Wireless Operation;
    • Cables are messy;
    • Cables are unreliable;
  3. ANT+ Technology Integration
    • ANT+ offers a remarkable eco-system to enhance our cycling experience;


A sound investment should last for a long time. Utmost reliability and performance dictate Falco's direct drive technology. We want our customers to experience not only the ultimate performance and reliability but also the comfort of owning a world class eDrive.

Customer Reviews (4)


I have owned a Falco e-bike motor for a couple of years and have been very impressed with it. The idea of using the e-bike as an indoor exercise bike which also re-charges the battery is brilliant! James

Falco eDrive

I have been investigating e bikes for some considerable time. As a cyclist in past years such concepts have much potential and the Falco is every bit revolutionary in as much it generates its own driving ability unlike most systems one can only recharge via electric power. I would give it a 10 out of 10 for everything it has proven. Richard


The whole concept is impressive, as well as all of the tech & usability you get from such a compact hub. Being able to retro fit the bike you love & bring it into the ebike world is fantastic & they make it a very user friendly process to accomplish. After meeting with the CEO directly at CES 2017 I have nothing but great hopes for Falco & their future. S. Morris

eCiti Review at CES

I had a chance to ride eCiti at CES. It is quite impressive that you have both top of the line eBike technology and smart power trainer technology all combined into one. I have ordered mine and I can not wait to get it. I wish you guys tremendous luck. I am a great fan of your product and innovation. Allen Clark
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