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Falco eCiti

    The product is available to ship worldwide. Shipping cost is fixed at $149 in the co…

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Thumb Throttle

For those riders who need a throttle that takes up less space on their handlebars.Measures 7/8" wide…

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Plenty of power to give me a wonderful ride

After InstallationBefore InstallationI have a Sun EZ-1 recumbent bike. I usually ride 15 - 20 m

20th Nov 2022

​Experience with Falco eDrive - Don Auriemma

Short story of Don Auriemma and his experience of using Falco system in his own words.I’ve

Don Auriemma
28th Jun 2021

​Experience with Falco eDrive - James Giles

Short story of James Giles and his experience of using Falco system in his own words.In November 202

James Giles
5th Jun 2021