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750+ (135mm) 750W Motor Electric Bike Motor with Internal Torque and Speed Sensor

SKU: Hx 7.1
Lead Time: 20-24 Weeks (Please call us for exact shipment date)

5-Phase Motor Technology with integrated torque sensor and controller, 45Nm Max. Disc Brake,10-Speed Cassette Compatible, Torque Arm, Torque Nuts are included. Vertical Drop-outs with 32-Spoke Holes. This includes throttle, torque arms and ANT+ wireless module. Pedal assist ready.

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Customer Reviews (8)

2018 Falco system

Falco motor laced into a 20" wheel installed on a Catrike Trail tadpole trike. First impressions: Just completed a short but hot 15 mile ride. Some rail trail but mostly pavement. Grades were from plus 2-3% to minus 2-3% and one short climb at 6%. Started in level 1 and could instantly feel assist which felt remarkable. Probably added 3-4 mph to my unassisted speeds. I have taken this route many times and on some of the longer 3% grades my usual spinning speeds were 4 mph. Today they were 8 -10 mph. On a long downhill I went to zero assist and stayed in zero assist on the flats at the end of the decline. No resistance from the motor. On the steep climb I went to level 4 and powered up the hill reducing it to a modest 2% oh hum. Falco is like a road grader, makes everything flat. The motor shut off when coasting was flawless. I found I could use higher gears and maintain cadence compared to no assist. I never went higher than level 1 except for the short steep climb. Down hill grades I simply back pedaled and regeneration kicks in acting as a brake. A forward turn of the cranks and regeneration stops. At one point I used this feature when approaching a stop sign. Then picked up speed quite nicely to continue. At the end of my short ride the battery was down 1 bar. Time for the ride was 1 hour. In my previous experience this same ride would be 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hour. All in all a very nice experience. Don't get me wrong, I still got a good work out. But oh so much better for my 70 year old back. Customer service is a bit slow in response times. However Rakesh and staff have only a desire to make the best hub motor with which you will be quite pleased. Charles Baker

Second Ride Review

Have just over 20 miles on my Falco emotor. So far it exceeds my expectations, and seems to be everything I wanted in a pedal assist set up. Excellent customer service! I was concerned to make such a large investment on the internet sight unseen, but Falco lessened my concerns at every turn. Edward A. Lewis

Amazing Speed and Range

Everyone and all of my ebike friends were sceptical about falcoemotors. But when they rode my ride they all were impressed as I am. Amazing speed and range with the 750W kit running on 13Ah. The only thing that stops me from choosing falco is the very cheap bike console that i simply cannot install on a customers cargo bike that i build. Please fix this falco and we will use your company for our deluxe models.. Cheers Rakesh I love my motor Claude Nobs
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