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750+ (135mm) 750W Motor Electric Bike Motor with Internal Torque and Speed Sensor

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Lead Time: 20-24 Weeks (Please call us for exact shipment date)

5-Phase Motor Technology with integrated torque sensor and controller, 45Nm Max. Disc Brake,10-Speed Cassette Compatible, Torque Arm, Torque Nuts are included. Vertical Drop-outs with 32-Spoke Holes. This includes throttle, torque arms and ANT+ wireless module. Pedal assist ready.

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Électric motor wheel

So satisfied i bought 2 Wow in all my life i never had so much good service Mr Rackesh Will go out off this way for you even went on messenger vidéo he is VERY patient . I recommended this compagnie Highly! Thank you René Guénette

Falco Review

So I wanted to let you know the story behind why I decided to buy the Falco e-bike system. I have an debilitating neurological disease that has reduced my mobility significantly. I have to use a full time walking stick and an electronic scooter for any walking of long distances. I was leading a pretty sedentary life style. I had purchased myself a trike as I could no longer ride my road bike safely. However I had gotten to a point where I was not riding as the effort level made it no longer enjoyable as I could not ride with anyone and keep up. I did a ton of research on these e-bike systems and read up on a number of different models. I made a number of calls (including to Falco) to ensure I had a full understanding of what each company had to offer with their system both with functionality and support. In the end I decided to go with Falco system as I read a number of great reviews not only on the system itself but on the support Rakesh and his company provides. I will say the wait time was a killer with the back dated battery but once I got it going I fell in love with the bike. In Texas there is an annual event that is held that is a 150 mile bike ride from Houston to Austin that is used to generate money to fight Muscular Sclerosis. It is called the MS150. I have dreamed of riding in this for years but knew I would never be able to accomplish it. Well once I got the Falco e-bike system I thought it might be a possibility. I trained for 3 months and then decided to go for it. I still thought it was wishful thinking but it was for a great cause. I had generated over $1000 in donations from friends for me to ride in this event so there was no turning back. Day one was brutal with a head wind and temperatures in the 80s but I did it! I rode 80 miles all with level 2 assist from the system. It was tough but with the Falco system helping I finished it in a little over 10 hours Weston Thompson

Best Thing I Ever Did

I am ninety years old. Purchased three 750 watt hub motors. One for myself, one for daughter in law and one for my son. I average riding thirty miles a day on the Poudre River trail. The quality and power is tremendous. The quality is much more than I imagined they would be. Such ease of operation. Sometimes I get to explain the motor to other riders on the trail, so that they can enjoy the joy I experience riding with the assist motor. I could not be riding without the assist motor. My association with the company has been pleasant and very helpful. I can recommend their motors without any reservations. Marv Roper

Falco System Review

I had a need to add electric motor assist to my Catrike 559. My research indicated that Falco was the leader in producing a system that met all my needs for power, speed, range and control. The motor, wheel, battery and control components are all top quality. I can now participate in club bike rides with my friends. I can use power to help me up hills, or to catch the group if I happen to fall behind. I acquired the console, +/- button and throttle. Everything works as advertised and provides me with an outstanding cycling experience. Customer communication is prompt, courteous, and effective. I am a very satisfied customer. Don Auriemma


Now several months with my Falco 2018 on my Catrike Trail. I used the eBike Lab to personalize and customize my pedal assist settings. Once this was accomplished the motor and I became one. Part of the process was customizing the torque sensor and how to set it up. Answers to questions were readily provided from Falco. Do check your spoke tension every second or third ride. As for ride experience, I recently did a 20 mile charity ride, 10 out and back. This was on a rail to trail consisting of crushed gravel and cinder. The motor kicked in after getting up to speed and remained a strong assist in level 1. Note you can set the rpm speed that the motor will start providing assist. I find 30-40 rpm is a good level and may give less stress on the frame as you are not applying torque from a stop. All in all it was an enjoyable ride, very smooth, and still giving me work to do as assist is a function of your input level. I did hit a pot hole and the motor seemed to shut down. A reboot was successful in resuming. Battery was 41 v. at start and still reading 39 v. at end. I purchased a battery platform from T Cycle which was expensive but worth every penny. It securely mounts the battery rear and low but still with plenty of clearance off ground and the power cable run works nicely. There may be cheaper kit options, but the Falco is a quality system that will conquer both miles and hills and make you smile. Bud Baker
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