500W Systems

Hit the open trial with the assistance of an electric bicycle motor. Whether a casual biker or a competitor, an electric bicycle motor can help you during the rough parts of the trail or ease the burden on your body. No matter the type of bicycle, an electric motor can boost your ride efficiency and acceleration speeds to the best available.

The Hx 500W Motor is part of the Falco e-series lineup. This motor features high speeds, low weight, programmable torque, and long battery life. The HxM 2.0 platform is capable of propelling you to 28 mph/45kph (off-road models). Enjoy improved torque and speed that is 30% above previously models and current competitors. Our motors employ a state of the art 5-phase brushless permanent magnet technology. This gives you smoother acceleration, smoother pedaling, and more power to meet your demands. All kits contain everything you need to electrify your bicycle and can be installed on your bike with ease.

Falco electric bicycle motors are powerful and quick, while still maintaining the usability and ease coveted by bicyclists. Offering the latest torque technology and a pocket-sized command console, these motors are the best on the market. Falco motors offer easy battery regeneration and the latest motors offer many wireless technology components making them even more popular. The command center on all Falco motors include the bike, the ebike and the fitness computers. These three work together to create the best possible ride that you are looking for, whether it be a workout or a fun ride. Making Falco products even better is the ability to customize the ride and motor to your specific needs. You can use this engine for both high-pace rides and leisurely laps.

The future in bike propulsion is here. Look no further than Falco Motors for your bicycle needs in the now!

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