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Key Electric Assist Technologies For Converting A Tadpole Trike Into A Pedal Assist/E-Assist System - Part 5

Technology Benefits: It is all about the Experience:The first and foremost component in deciding an electric bike system is experience. What kind of experience do you prefer? Some may prefer the pure experience of electric movement. The is the first
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Key Electric Assist Technologies for Converting a Tadpole Trike into a Pedal Assist/e-Assist System - Part 1

Nowadays, there are a number of options available to convert your trike into an e-assist or a pedal assist system. The choices can appear to be numerous and complex. This article simplifies some of these technologies and outlines the key differences
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DIY Simple Bike Checks to Keep Your Bike Riding

Nothing can be as exciting or relaxing as bicycle rides and races. Bike riding offers the perfect time to clear your mind and enjoy physical activity leisurely or competitively. A new bike is a sound investment into your riding hobby and can help imp
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Benefits of Electric Bikes & Trikes as Assistance Transports

Mobility is something many of us take for granted until we are faced with the situation of functioning with limited mobility or none at all. For many, this is a daily task that can cause headaches and concerns. Finding efficient and effective transpo
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How Do Torque Sensors Work on E-Bikes?

Hitting the open road on a bicycle can be extremely rewarding physically and mentally. Biking is quickly becoming one of the most popular outdoor activities for all age ranges. The addition of an electric bike system can help you ride for longer dist
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