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Falco eDrive - I am not clear about the trainer aspects of it. Can you explain?

So recently, we were asked the following question regarding the Falco eDrive.

"I'm not clear on the trainer aspect of it. It looks like purchasing a trainer is still required, so is it the app or the interactivity w/ others that's unique about the indoor portion?"

Falco eDrive does not come with a separate trainer. Although our bike stand may look like a trainer. A bike trainer has a device attached to it which causes resistance.

Let us look at a picture below:

This is the regular bike trainer. It has the resistance device attached at the end. 

Now, let us look at the image below:

This is the Falco eDrive bike stand. It is simply a stand. There is no device attached to it. 

In the image above, you can see how the bicycle can be mounted on the stand. Now once in the stand, you can configure the Falco eDrive to work as a resistance device (indoor mode). 

Falco eDrive app shown above can be used to switch between indoor as well as outdoor modes.

So what is so great about Falco eDrive?

"While the apps are not unique, nor the interactivity with Zwift and Trainerroad and all the other apps, the e-drive is unique because it facilitates the process of riding indoors and out."