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eBike Lab does not see ANT stick on Mac OS X - Workaround

Please follow the procedure below:

First Workaround:

  1. Connect ANT+ Stick;
  2. Start eBike Lab;
  3. Start Activity Monitor
  4. Select "eBike Lab."
  5. Force quit (press the x at the top left-hand side)
  6. Start eBike Lab

Second Workaround:

  1. Open eBike Lab
  2. Reboot
  3. Remove ANT Stick
  4. Start eBike Lab
  5. Insert ANT Stick

Third Workaround:

  1. Restart Mac w/ANT Stick connected
  2. Open eBike Lab
  3. Disconnect ANT Stick
  4. Plug the ANT Stick
  5. 30 seconds later eBike Lab recognizes the ANT Stick

Which version of the stick are you using? You can check this by inserting the stick, and start up 'System Information' on your Mac. Under 'Hardware'->'USB' you can check the details of all USB devices currently connected to your Mac.

In case you still do not have success, please contact us, and we may be able to ship you a PC tablet with eBike Lab and Team Viewer pre-loaded.